Travels Comin’ Right Up

june2013-1What a difference a year makes. We have been blessed quite a bit of heavy snow in the spring and timely rains later on. Now, we have grass that is up to the cows backs. We all are appreciating the weather.

As with everyone it has been busy catching up yard work, working with the cattle and organizing for our last year of fencing.

I am also approaching my traveling time of year. I went to the Osceola Highland Show in Reed City, MI in June. They are such great folks and we had a good show. I brought back a bull for a breeder in NE that had purchased him in MI. I dropped the bull off at the breeder’s farm in NE, loaded 11 steers from their farm destined for Duluth, MN. So, that was a busy week.

On July 4th there is a family coming in from CO with 2 Autistic boys that want to learn how to show Highlands. I am very honored and am looking forward to working with them. The boys show sheep at their County fair, so they know the work that goes into it.

Then on the 9th of July, I am off to Morley, MI to the 3rd Annual JR. Cow Camp. Our NCHCA is joining forces with the Midwest Association this year. I am picking up 3 kids with their cattle on the way to camp. We have 6 Jrs. coming from our region, so I am very pleased. I am going to teaching Driver’s Ed for the older kids. I think it’s important for everyone to learn how to properly have livestock, safely hook a trailer up and of course backing. It just doesn’t get any better than working with the kids.

When I get home then it will be time to think about halter training the calves.

I hope everyone has had a successful calving season and hopefully, the weather is cooperating for haying.5

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