Summer is gone too fast

I am sure I am like everyone else, the summer is going too fast. We have had some timely rain, so the pastures are holding their own. We had our first fog this past week, so if the old wives’ tale holds true; there might be snow on Halloween.

What a special summer it has been at Almosta Farm. The main reason I travel to these shows/events is to promote the Farm and our breeding program, talk to as many folks as I can about this great breed. This past National Western, I met a lady that is starting up a non-profit farm for Autistic kids in Colorado. I could tell listening to her that she was a very passionate person about this mission, but she also had 2 Autistic sons.

Eric & Logan ; 2013 Cow Camp 012Well, on the July 4th weekend, she, her friend; Betsy and her 2 sons traveled 580 miles to Almosta Farm to learn how to work with Highlands. Her boys raise/show sheep and pigs at their county fair, but she had done much research and thought the Highlands would be a great fit as far as disposition and quality of the beef product. The boys also wanted to learn to show the cattle. They stayed at the guest house and I had the most life changing 2 days working with this family. These boys and the 2 heifers had an instant connection. With the boys and heifers working so well together it didn’t take long for them to know what they were doing when they get into the show ring.

Now, it is my turn to travel. So, on August 7th, I am going to the Boulder County Fair in Longmont, Co, so the boys can show the heifers for the first time. It’s amazing in just 2 short days, how much a family can touch a person’s life. Peggy is giving these boys every opportunity to live as normal life as they can and they are blossoming because of it. I have always said that animals have so much to offer and teach us. No, theory can be more true.

Shortly after they left I was on the road to attend the 3rd Annual Cow Camp held in Morley, MI. This was the first year that the North Central Highland Juniors attended the camp. I offered to pick up animals along the way, so the kids could work with their own. So, I picked 2 girls in MN and a boy in WI and we headed east. What a great weekend they had!! I taught a Driver’s Ed class for the older kids. There was also a showmanship class, Highland Jeopardy game, a session on confirmation, and obstacle course and finally, lots of fun in the water. All of the meals were provided and had a camp fire at night.

I feel so blessed to have met so many extraordinary folks through my travels and the Highlands. But, it’s the kids that are connected to these folks that make my life so very special.

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