2016 National Western and Blizzard

2016-NWSS-and-FebOn the 18th of Jan, the Almosta Gang came into Denver, CO to attend the 2016 National Western Stock Show. There were 16 animals representing 5 farms and what fun we had! Our new “Moo Booth” display attracted many folks to stop by and visit. As a group we had a very successful week, but best of all was the camaraderie within our group and the memories that were created.

2016 NWSS and Feb. snow 037Now, everyone is home safely, things are unloaded, cleaned and put away: just in time for the Blizzard of 2016. Holy smokes, it could snow and the wind was unrelenting. After 2 days and 14 inches of snow, it was time to dig out. There were drifts at least 4-5′ high . I had 3 cows that got caught in one dry lot with the only way I could tell which cow it was, the color of their strap that they wear. Their eyes were frozen shut , so I snapped a lead onto each cow and lead them into box stalls to let them thaw out overnight. Would they have been OK ? Yes, but they are close to calving and I feel it is my job to keep them safe. I was so thankful they trusted me enough to follow me. After, the storm passed they were out, climbing over the drifts to get with the rest of the cows. It took Steve 2 days to dig everything out. Just after that, we received more snow this Monday creating 5 foot snow banks.

We are all hoping that Mother Nature has gotten this out of her system , as calving will be starting the 1st of March. This is a big year for Almosta Farm , expecting 9 purebred and 3 cross bred calves. It’s always a stressful but fun time.

Almosta Farm will once again be submitting a 2015 heifer to the Heartland Spring Sale held in Lebanon, MO on April 23, 2016. As soon as the weather warms pictures will be taken of her. Please look on the sale page for more details of Almosta Farm’s Serena.

We hope that everyone has a stress free calving season.

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