Holidays 2015

kidsAccording to the calendar, we are on the tail end of fall and what a busy one it was. I have been on the road to a couple of fall shows and am very pleased on how the animals did. But, most of all I am over the moon on our Junior attendance at our NCHCA Regional Show. When all was said and done, we had 18 Juniors participating with many of them being first timers. My calves got a great workout and everyone had a great time. I have found through the years working with my cattle and getting out and about, it’s all about the kids and the families that support them. It’s watching them approach with caution and it seems in no time they are working with the calf with confidence. It doesn’t get much better than that.

With the holidays nipping at everyone’s heels, we are also planning our yearly adventure to the National Western in Denver held on the week of Jan 19-24, 2016. Through the years, a group of farms have traveled together that have the same frame of mind and work very well together. A couple of years ago, folks have started to call us the “Almosta Gang” and it stuck. As with every year, I am so proud of what our group brings to Denver, but this year, we have a very diverse group. We have 2015 calves, yearling heifers and bull, along with market animals including a Highland Cross breed heifer.

The National Western is such a great venue to talk to Highland breeders from all over the country. Not too mention all of the shopping that one can do. If you happen to attend the National Western, please look up the “Almosta Gang”. We always have a chair to sit and a snack to share.

We wish you all a very special holiday season.

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