Summer was Different Than We Expected… But it was Excellent!

My plan for the summer was not to travel as much and stay home. Well, the plan worked out fine until July. But, oh the memories that I have to share and remember. I picked up 3 Highland Juniors and their animals to attend the 4th Annual Midwest Cow Camp in Stanwood, MI. It is always a great time to watch kids grow in knowledge and confidence.

My next trip was heading west with 7 head on the trailer to attend the Boulder County Fair in Longmont, Co. Melinda and Maryn Cowell made the week even more special by coming along. We had a great show and for the first time had a Boot Camp for the juniors that attended the fair.

Then the week of Aug. 12-16; I took 2 cow/calf pairs to the Knox County Fair held in Bloomfield, NE. I always have a great time watching other folks work and get to answer questions. This year I took a purebred pair and a cross bred pair to show folks what the breed could do for the commercial breeds.

At the end of Aug, I will heading for the NE State Fair in Grand Island, NE with a yearling heifer to be on Avenue of Breeds. This is the first time the Highlands have been attending the fair. So, this is very exciting.

There are other events that Almosta Farm will be attending throughout the fall. Please check out the calendar to see if we are going to be near you.

In the meantime, halter training is in the process with weaning soon to follow.

Hope your summer has also gone well.

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