2014 comes to a close

I am finally getting things back to normal from my last trip to the NAILE Show in Louisville, KY. We took a side trip to Stanwood,MI to pick up friends: Dawn Manthei, Evelyn Pruitt and their animals. It doesn’t get any better than going to an event with friends.

With 2014 coming to an end, it’s time to reflect on where this past year has gone  and start making goals for 2015. Many miles were traveled with meeting new folks and connecting with old friends. My biggest highlight of the year was meeting new kids with their animals and seeing how far the more seasoned kids had gone.

The Almosta Barnyard had its challenges this year with the lowest time of losing Yankee. He taught me so many lessons, produced terrific offspring that are spread out all over the country. The blessing will be looking forward to the 4 calves that he will have in March.  Koal has taken his new position of being the Senior Bull very seriously  and should have 5 calves of his own in the spring.

Next on the list is looking forward and making plans to attend the 2015 National Western held in Denver, Co in Jan. A group of us have pooled our resources, friendships and animals through the years and it has grown to 5 farms. The name  our group has taken on the name of ” The Almosta Gang”. It makes that week so special with good friends working hard, laughing, and promoting our farms.

If you find yourself at the National Highland Show at the National Western, please stop by for a rest. We would love to visit with you.

May you all have a very special holiday season.

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