Yankee Tribute

It is with a very heavy heart to inform you all of Yankee’s passing.

He went down a couple of days ago and had pulled some muscles and /or ligaments in this back leg around the stifle area. With humans we would have surgery to fix it but with an 1800 lb. bull, unfortunately , it’s not the case. He may have healed to only live another 1 – 6 months and would have to be very careful. The pain was excruciating for him and decided it wasn’t fair to him or me.

His legacy will go on with his offspring. He had 4 calves this year and has settled 5 cows for 2015. What a wonderful gift & I am so thankful for it!
June 2013 001
In Loving Memory:

Spring Flight Connecticut Yankee (D)
Feb. 10, 2004 – July 6, 2014

He wasn’t aware that he was coming to Almosta Farm in Jan. 2005 to become their first bull; and all of the “life lessons” he was going to have to teach me about bulls. He not only had the patience and grace, but I believe a sense of humor with his teachings. I think I saw a time or two , him rolling his eyes, as if to say; ” it’s just Mom”. He never had a bad day; always treating me with kindness and respect.

He always had a twinkle in his eye and only asked for a brushing now and then. He leaves behind a legacy of offspring that will not only carry on his conformation traits but also his sweet disposition.

Because of Yankee teaching me what it takes to raise and handle a bull; I have grown with confidence and hopefully some skill. I, thank you my dear Yankee for this wonderful journey that we had and teaching me how to “dance”.
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