Happy New Year 2017!

With the New Year here, it seems we  take time to reflect on the past year.  It seems as time goes by and a person works with animals, you are going to come across some challenges. This year was it for Almosta Farm. One of the first things I mention to first time breeders is ‘make sure you have made contact with a vet in your area that is willing to work with you.’ I did that when I bought my first Highland heifer in 2002 and he not only has always been there but has also had the patience and willingness to teach me as time goes on.

The year started out with one of my senior cows prolapsing 6 weeks before her due date. He inserted a prolapse repair kit and she had a normal delivery. He came back to remove it.  A couple of days later one of the commercial cows wasn’t progressing with her labor. Called the vet and she had a twisted uterus.  We took her to the vet’s office to do a C section.  It was quite the experience and I am happy to say that a healthy cow and heifer calf were brought home.

Summer and fall seemed to have flown by, with being on the road a lot. In between trips, the 12 calves were halter trained and weaned.

Now, things are in full swing getting ready to participate in the 2017 National Western Stock Show held in Denver, CO on Jan. 16-21, 2017. It has been a couple of years since I have had something to submit to the AHCA National Sale.  So, this year there will 2 Almosta Farm heifers; one purebred and one cross bred.

If you find yourselves at the National Western, please look up Almosta Farm.  There is always a chair to sit in and goodies to snack on.

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