Already March 2018???


As I am sitting at my desk catching up on things, I see we are already in the 3rd month in 2018! I am still trying to figure out where 2017 went. Last year was met with many challenges making me stop to ask myself where did the time go. The hardest challenges were making decisions with 4 of my senior cows.  These girls were such great teachers, never had a bad day and gave me awesome babies. I am forever grateful to them.

With the 2017 calving season over, the cows were in with the bulls, it was time to hit the road.  Having traveling partners, makes the miles more enjoyable and the time go by faster. Each year that I work with Juniors and their families just gets better and better. I try to share what I have learned through the years, but I also find that I learn a lot from them.  2017 ended with many great memories and ready for the New Year.

Please look through the website to see what a great 2017 Almosta Farm had and check us out on Facebook.

Our 2018 calving season will start in a few days, expecting 7 purebred calves and 4 crossbred calves.

Always remember that the you are always welcome to walk the pastures and if you are tired, you can rest in our guest house; Almosta Home. Please give a quick call, to make sure we are home.


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