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Spring is here to stay and we are getting some much needed moisture. I know many of you have had more than your share of snow, but we have been very dry.

Calving is 99% complete. The Angus cow has decided to be the last one this year. It doesn’t get much better to see all of these new faces figuring out life and just having fun. This is the last calf crop from our Senior bull; Spring Flight Connecticut Yankee and as usual he didn’t disappoint.

I shook up the barnyard last year and gave Koal some different cows and yes, made him work a little harder. He has always done a great job for “his” girls, but he really knocked it out the park this year! Of course it is important to make sure everyone is fine, but the real fun is to see what color the calf is. And I have to say that the Shorthorn Composite Cow made me rub my eyes. This was the first year she and Koal were together and here was an awesome black heifer with lots of Chrome (white ). Stay tuned for updates as these “kids” grow through the summer.

Now, in about 6 weeks the cycle of life starts all over again. Almosta Farm is proud to introduce Finley Falls Boyd as the new Junior Bull. With his genetics and his disposition, he will be a great addition.

The calendar had been updated with my travels for 2015. The first of the spring, I am taking 2 yearling bulls to the 4th Annual Highland Cattle Auction held in Norwood, MO on April 23, 2015 at 4 pm.

If you find yourself in Northeast Nebraska , the barn door is always open.

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In a few weeks I will be heading for Norwood, MO to attend the 4th Annual Highland Cattle Auction on April 23, 2015 . I will be bring with me 2 yearling bulls for you to consider to bring into your breeding program.

Almosta Farm’s Issak (D)


Almosta Farm’s Issak (D)

Reg. No. 53,581
DOB: 03/08/14
Color: brindle

We are very pleased to offer Almosta Farm’s Issak (D), one of the last offspring of Spring Flight Connecticut Yankee (D). Issak is structurally correct, well muscled and has a great disposition. He has some of the top genetics in the country on the top and bottom and will surely pass them on to his offspring. Yankee’s calves have excelled in any environment that they have been put into. Whether it’s the show ring or in a grass fed operation.

Issak’s first experience away from the farm was last fall attending the NCHCA Highland Show. I have a mentoring program, where Juniors can come to adopt a calf for the weekend and have the whole experience in taking care of and showing the animal. It is not only beneficial to the child, but the calf also gets a great experience around all kinds of things. It helps bring out their disposition that is so important to a well behaved bull in the future. Issak is halter trained, current on his vaccinations and wormed.

Almosta Farm’s Kane


Almosta Farm’s Kane

DOB: 03/17/14
BWT: 89 lbs.
217 days : 820 lbs

Kane is a product of an Angus Cow and the Highland bull; Skye High Koal. These calves have been consistent through the past 5 years and proves what both breeds can do for the beef industry. Each calf has averaged 3.75 lbs per day weight gain from birth to finish. This year it was decided to keep one intact to offer beef producers an option to put into their commercial herd. With his genetics he is sure to add the best of all worlds. He is structurally correct, well muscled and has a great disposition.

If you have any questions or want more pictures, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hope to see you in Missouri.

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