Summer is Coming Along

Weather wise spring has had a very hard time showing up, but here on the farm calving went along without a hitch. We have 4 heifers, 1 white bull and 1 Angus cross bred bull calf. I am so pleased with what the cows and the bulls have done for me. Yankee has had 4 calf crops and he has proven to produce cookie cutter calves. This is Koal’s second year and he is doing a terrific job as well.
I took a couple of animals in April to the MN. Spring JR. Spring Classic in Austin,MN for some kids to show, in a snowstorm! This is a terrific event with about 280 mainstream cattle and kids attending. This was the first year that the Highland breed had their own breed show, with 11 animals and 13 kids attending. What a great time we had!! The kids did a terrific job.
As with any farm, large or small , there is always something to do. We are getting ready to have the fire department burn the old house that is on the 5 acres that we bought a few years ago. Then we’ll fence in the land. I am happy to say, that is the last expansion for Almosta Farm and we’ll be happy with 25 acres.
I have been on the road quite a bit. I attended the 2nd Annual Spring Fair in Allegan, MI. It’s a great venue with the weather cooperating, and they had a great attendance. It’s such a fun time to be able to promote the breed and the farm. We also had a very good show, so that put the icing on the cake.
Now, I’m getting ready to head east to the 60th annual National Convention in Ithaca,NY. This is always a great time to meet folks, talk Highlands, attend meetings and seminars, oh and of course enjoy great food. I am leaving a few days early to visit an Aunt & Uncle that live upstate NY.
It looks like a busy summer with some new venues to attend, so please check out the event page and see what’s coming up. I hope to see you there!

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