As I am looking at the calendar, I have no idea where the time has gone. It’s hard to believe I haven’t touched base since January. But, like most everyone, winter was nothing to write home about. In Nebraska it was extremely cold and dry.

Brand new Highland calf
One of our newest little ones

At Almosta Farm, March is calving time. It is an exciting but stressful time. It’s a year’s worth of planning and hoping everyone is healthy. The little one’s bright faces as they figure out their new life is so much fun to watch and makes all of the worrying worth while. This was the first year that there are 2 cross bred calves running around. So, the final count for calves are 2 Highland bull calves, 2 Highland heifers and 2 cross bred bull calves.

April was a very busy month and I have to say, I have no idea where it went to.   I submitted a heifer into the Heartland Highland Cattle Assoc. Spring Sale in Norwood, MO.   I thought it was a good idea to support them in what they are trying to do, but most of all meeting breeders from that area.   Ron & Phyllis Campbell of Finley Falls Highlands were kind enough to open their farm to Becky and me to stay there.   What a great time we had.   I also toured Laughing Sun Highland Farm and the Cheek Farm.  It’s always fun to visit breeder’s farms and see what they are doing. It’s all about exchanging ideas.

The sale itself was quite an event.   There was something for everyone. From registered to unregistered animals, steers, etc.   The breeders made me feel very welcome and I had a great time meeting them.  The sale ring was full of prospective buyers and the bidding was lively.  Almosta Farm was honored to have the highest selling animal in the sale.  It was an experience I won’t soon forget.

After the sale, I went up to sign over the registration papers for the new owner and Gloria informed me that I was taking Becky home to get her ready to go to her new home in Moorpark, CA!  Getting her ready for California was the easy part; it was waiting for the snow storms to pass through WY and CO.  On, April 28th, Mary Schmidktke and I headed west with Becky.  What an adventure that was!  We arrived back in Nebraska on Friday night.   Thanks to Mary riding shot gun, the trip was seamless.

Becky the highland heifer in CA
Becky on her way home!

Now it’s time to think about getting the cows ready to go in with the bulls at the end of the month.

NCHCA is also putting the final touches on hosting the National Convention in Duluth, MN.  It should have something for everyone.  On the Junior side of the Convention, we are very proud of what we have planned with sight seeing activities and farm tours specially for the juniors.

The summer has schedule has been filling up quickly with events. Please check out the Almosta farm calendar and hope to see you.

Always remember that the barn door and the guest house are always open.

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